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Your business’ technology capabilities are at the core of your ability to deliver the products and services your customers want. We can ensure your backend networking, telecom, data security, and connectivity are rock-solid and ready to handle any amount of traffic. As professional technology consultants, we’ve built a solid portfolio of service providers to meet your unique needs and ensure you get the best possible price.

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Professional Consulting Services

Technology Infrastructure Assessments

IT Managed Services

Voice and Data Carrier Management

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Professional consulting services

As unbiased advisors, we’ll always put your needs first. With our professional consulting services you’ll receive:

  • Hardware and Software Auditing – We will obtain an inventory of all current equipment and software to determine whether they are in compliance or obsolete
  • Evaluation of current low voltage wiring infrastructure
  • Identification of all current carrier services portfolio and other vendors
  • Inventory of all current IT managed services
  • Uncovering and locating any technical challenges and potential crises
  • Deliverable – Project plans, line and equipment inventory documents

Technology infrastructure assessments

As networking experts, we can ensure your network infrastructure is robust, secure, and ready to handle any amount of use, and scalability. Where needed, we’ll provide cost-effective upgrades to your software and hardware platforms. Our team offers:

  • Understanding of the current LAN and WAN infrastructure and environment and determination of its suitability moving forward
  • Evaluation of current voice and data providers for past performance and customer satisfaction
  • Determine whether an On-Premise or Cloud-based PBX is most optimal
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IT managed services

Your day to day operation shouldn’t be overrun with network maintenance, addressing cybersecurity threats, or securing daily backups for your data. We can advise and oversee these operations to ensure your network’s backend is functional, reliable, and secure. Our team can:

  • Develop a Cloud strategy
  • Set up an Exchange Server and Office 365 evaluation
  • Determine whether legacy servers will remain on-premise or in the Cloud
  • Provide cybersecurity evaluations and network security services
  • Establish a concrete Disaster Recovery plan for all technology services
  • Offer managed IT troubleshooting and off-site support, compliance, and networking solutions

Voice and data carrier management

When it comes to implementing a new telecom system or upgrading an existing system, you can rely on us to guide you through each phase of the process. Our technicians will:

  • Obtain quotes from multiple carriers and review each vendor’s strengths and capabilities to assist you
  • Facilitate negotiations with carriers to assure most competitive pricing and coordinate with carrier engineering teams to assure technical feasibility
  • Provide proactive voice and data information to the selected carrier to ensure the most timely installation and coordinate the implementation of communication with vendors about your project plan
  • Manage circuit delivery and installation, as well as all relevant phone line information and inventory (including organizing your phone numbers, extensions, call groups, and DIDs)
  • Offer extensive testing of all new services before activation to assure proper functionality and collaborate with the carrier for adequate turn-up of new services
  • Assist you with the disconnect of old services and the final bill
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